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Waimakariri River mouth reported by Peter Langlands

Spectacular sight as 5 Arctic skuas chased one White-fronted tern. About 10 Arctic skuas in total and about 500 White-fronted terns. Also a flock of about 200 Hurtton’s Shearwaters in the breakers just north of the river mouth – the first time I have seen shearwaters at the Waimak Mouth. Would pick it as being […]

Waimakariri Rivermouth & Brooklands.

120+ Black-fronted Tern at Waimakariri Rivermouth, biggest count for several years. Also 2 Black-fronted Dotteral and 92 Banded Dotteral still present at Brooklands.

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Waimakariri River

Hi everyone,

Here is the next and long overdue update about the Waimak river birds.

The black-billed gull colony around the Groyne 53 mark is doing well and yesterday I managed to count around 100 chicks so this is a good start. The colony has maintained its size well and has probably grown since its […]