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Kaitorete Spit

1 Curlew Sandpiper 1 Red-necked stint 135 Banded Dotterel 12 Wrybill 20 Black Fronted Terns 4 Caspian Terns 15 White Fronted Terns

Kaitorete Spit

1 Curlew Sandpiper

1 Knot

4 Red-necked stint

18 Turnstone

11 Wrybill

1 White-winged Black Terns 26Black Fronted Terns 4Caspian Terns 65White Fronted Terns 35Banded Dotterel

Sunday OSNZ wader count at Lake Ellesmere.

Just reporting that Phil Crutchley, Niall Mugan and Scott Butcher were at Kaitorete Spit Tip, Lake Ellesmere today and picked up a nice assemblage of arctic waders (1 RN Stint, 1 Curlew Sand, 1 knot, 13 Turnstone, as well as 6 Wrybill – but they had a great group of terns (56 species!) – 91 […]

Kaitorete Spit

2 White-winged Black Terns 56 Black Fronted Terns 6 Caspian Terns 42 White Fronted Terns 110 Banded Dotterel

Kaitorete Spit

19 Bar-tailed Godwit

9 Turnstones

7 Wrybill

43 Banded Dotteral

1 Curlew Sandpiper

28 Knot

3 White-winged Black Tern

16 Black fronted Tern

12 Caspian Terns

45 White fronted Tern

60+ Black Billed Gulls

Kaitorete Spit, Lake Ellesmere Reported by Luc Barbaro

3 White Winged black tern 50+Caspian tern 80 WF tern 13 BF tern 1 Turnstone (breeding plumage) 34 Red necked stint 50+ Wrybill 47 Red knot 10 Pectoral Sandpipers 2 Sharp tailed sandpipers 4 Curlew Sandpiper 200+Pied stilt 200+ Banded dotterel 2 Arctic skua,

3+ northern giant petrel

and 10+ Hector’s dolphins from the beach.

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Kaitorete Spit through Greenpark to Jarvis and Embankment Roads


97 wrybill 24 caspian terns 3 black-fronted terns Bar-t godwit 5 Red knot 37 7 turnstones Banded dotterel 200 approx (one had an orange flag above ‘knee’ on right leg Red-necked stint 16 Curlew sandpiper 2 Pec sandpiper 4 […]

kaitorete Spit Reported by Andrew Crossland and Phil Crutchley

Hi folks, Phil Crutchley and I took a look at kaitorete Spit tip while doing a trap line along kaitorete Spit on Sunday. A mixed bag of waders

5 Pectoral Sandpiper

1 Sharp-tail/Pect Sandpiper

2 Turnstone

1 Curlew sandpiper

36 Red Knot

23 Red-necked Stint

1 Bar-tailed godwit

200+ Wrybill

250+ Banded Dotterel

40+ Pied […]

Kaitorete Spit Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks,

Just reporting a bronze phase Stewart Island Shag feeding along Katorete Spit – on the ocean side, approx. opposite the old tram bach near the spit tip.

Also a pale phase Arctic skua harrassing W/F Terns in the same area.

A 3 km beach patrol along that stretch of kaitorete Spit found 1 […]

Kaitorete Spit

2 Cape Barren Geese

3 pectoral sandpipers

18 red-necked stints

1 wrybills

50+ Banded Dotteral