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Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Greenpark Huts to Yarr’s

Virtually none of the fancy stuff from a week ago was around but we found:

Greenpark 10 B Dotterels (inc 4 juvs) 10 stilts

Jarvis/Embankment Rd

2 banded dotterel 66 wrybill 117 stilts 10 pied oystercatchers 2 red-necked stints 133 bar-tailed godwits 17 red knot […]

Terns and stints at Lake Ellesmere Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Greenpark Huts in the east to Yarr’s Reserve to the west We found


122 banded dotterel 19 pied stilt 12 royal spoonbill 1 wrybill

Jarvis Road

3 red-necked stint (winter plumage) 6 wrybill 10 banded dotterel

Embankment Road

66 pied stilt 3 wrybill 10 banded dotterel


5 […]

Greenpark huts Reported by Jan Walker

Sheila and I went this morning. Unfortunately it was cloudy and a bit cold. You can go down through a gate at Greenpark huts right BEFORE the first house. And then go a bit left. Not in a car.

We saw:

8 Knot, none in BP 2 Curlew sand, one very bright BP, one […]