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Cattle Egret – Drain Rd, Lake Ellesmere Reported by Ben

Hi all.

On my way back from Taumutu I had a Cattle Egret flying right over my car just as I passed the corner of The Lake Rd/Drain Rd. I stopped as quickly as possible but lost sight of it, but then an other 4 flew south from a paddock near that corner. It took […]

Cattle egrets still near Lake Ellesmere reported by Stephen Wratten

A distant view with no bins of about 16 between Drain and Lake roads on Nov 10

Saterday OSNZ wader count at Lake Ellesmere

1 Gull-billed Tern (almost certainly the bird found by Steve Wratten and Colin Hill) 4 Intermediate Egrets, all in one group 1 Cape Barren Goose

The Cape Barren Goose was near the eastern fence (straight on if you park at the end of Embankment Road) The other Aussies were the other side of the western […]

Lake Ellesmere cattle egrets Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went on June 12 to Rushbrooks Road, near Drain Road , near the western shore of the lake. We followed the tip given by Jan Walker and Bev on Birding NZ a couple of days ago

We found 7 birds with black-backed gulls in a paddock where cow slurry had been […]

Great White Herons, Sightings


Great white Herons in a larger map

Cattle Egrets at Drain Rd Reported By Jan Walker

Today, 9th Nov 2010, Sheila , Bev , Tom and I had a hunt for these birds around the south-east side of Lake Ellesmere. Found 10 of them, most with very ginga breeding plumage, near Drain Rd, down towards the lake from Lake Rd.

Sheila remembers Cattle Egrets roosting in some isolated macrocarpas on the […]

Drain Rd Reported

8 Cattle Egrets still present

Little Stint Embankment Road Reported by Jan Walker

Little Stint

16 Sharp Tailed Sandpiper c200 Wrybill 1000s Banded Dotts , 1 with really bright O flag rt leg 3 Turnstone 6 Red Knot 24 Red Necked Stint

7 Cattle egrets at Drain Rd as well.

Colin, Sheila, Bev and jan

Cattle Egrets at Drain Rd Lake Ellesmere

Bev Alexander and also Jill Hanna have reported sightings of 9 Cattle Egrets at this location in the last week

Drain Rd Reported by Jan Walker

3 Cattle Egrets left at Drain Rd