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Lake Ellesmere Reported by steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went to Embankment Road, Yarr’s Reserve and then to Clark’s Road The only ‘Arctics’ we found were godwits-see below


39 wrybill 49 banded dotterel 81 pied stilts 6 mute swans 10 bar-tailed godwits ( 4 in summer plumage)

Clark’s 33 wrybill 12 banded dotterel 15pied stilts

The lake is obviously […]

Embankment Road to Clark’s Road and then to Greenpark Flats reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Embankment Road to Clark’s Road and then to Greenpark Flats Some nice pools at Embankment but water level too high at Yarr’s for a visit

Many, many ha of dry lake bed at Greenpark


Black-billed Gull 530 on an irrigated paddock near Emb. Road gate White-faced heron 80 […]

Saterday OSNZ wader count at Lake Ellesmere

1 Gull-billed Tern (almost certainly the bird found by Steve Wratten and Colin Hill) 4 Intermediate Egrets, all in one group 1 Cape Barren Goose

The Cape Barren Goose was near the eastern fence (straight on if you park at the end of Embankment Road) The other Aussies were the other side of the western […]

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I found these in a tight bunch (some showing a bit of territorial behaviour-extended neck posture)) west of Embankment road and east of Yarr’s reserve

Other birds seen from Yarr’s to Clark’s Road were:

Yarr’s 88 stilts 10 banded dots


365 stilits 135 banded dots 9 pecs (yellowish legs seen)



Clark’s Road Reported by Stephen Wratten

1 curlew sand 2 sharp-tailed sands 461 pied stilts 1 hybrid stilt 110 wrybill 500+ banded dotterel (almost all juvs)

Clark’s Road Reported by Stephen Wratten

On 6th, Colin Hill, I and 2 Canadian visitors went out.

2 turnstones 1 pectoral sand 1 sharp-tailed sand 80+ wrybills 100+ banded dotterels (almost all juvs)

Clark’s Road,Yarr’s and Embankment Road Reported by Stephen Wratten

– godwit-362 (checked in flight and no Hudsonian or Black-tailed) (Yarr’s and Embankment Rd)

-Wrybill 158

-Red Knot 35 (Yarr’s and Embankment Road)

-Asiatic Golden Plover 7 (Clark’s Road)

– Pied Oystercatcher 56

– Pied Stilt 84

– Curlew Sandpiper 3. In winter plumage but active, lots of aerial chasing each other – and displaying […]

Jarvis-Clarke’s Reported By Jan Walker

2 curlew sand,

1 sharp-tailed sand

1 pectoral sand

spotted near Jarvis-Clarke’s today at Greenpark sands

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Steve Wratten

Embankment and Clark’s and Jarvis Rds had (combined)-Colin Hil and Steve Wratten

Red-Necked Stint 27 Curlew sandpiper 2 Sharp-t Sandpiper 9 Red knot 5 Tutnstone 4 Colin re-located the litle stint on March 26 but we could not find it yesterday, despite careful searching at the above sites Wrybill (estimate only)_ 100

Between Embankment and Clark’s Reported by Jan Walker

Hi All,

1 Wrybill with bands: David can you help? I can’t find the email of the banding office. WRWY

There was also a Banded Dotterel with O flag right tibia.

Other spp.:

Banded dotterel 800+ Wrybill 130+ Pied stilt 300+ Hybrid Stilt, possibly F node Red-necked stint 10 Pectoral sandpiper 3 Sharp-tailed […]