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Hardhead at Kaiapoi ponds Reported by Phil Crutchley

Visited the Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon. He has moved one pond further North. At the Northern end of the second pond there is a deer fence with wind cloth on it and another pond behind it, which unfortunatley is on private land but you can look over parts of it. The hardhead was there at […]

Hardhead male at Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon reported by Bev Alexander and Sheila Petch

Bev has reported that Sheila and she saw a Hardhead/Whiteeyed Duck, [male] at Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon at about 2-2.30pm. The bird was in the ponds on the right of the old main road, across from the pond on the left where the Marsh Crakes are, going North towards the motorway.

Yet another Aussie vagrant. […]

Pegasus Reported by Christopher Moses

4 Black-fronted Dotterel in the compound area

Kaiapoi (Reported by Roger Harding)

1 POSSIBLE BROLGA Thought you might like to know that I observed a large crane or stork flying southwards over Kaiapoi fifteen minutes ago. Matches the description of a Brolga in my field guide.It flew with neck fully extended and legs trailing behind