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Glossy Ibis back at Travis Wetland for 16th year Reported by Andrew Crossland

The Glossy Ibis was back today – for the 16th consecutive winter – at Travis Wetland Reserve, CHCH. First sighted in winter 1999 its been here every winter since. Its habits and the sites it is faithful to, mean that it can be none other than the same bird each year. Does anyone know what […]

Brown Teal, Travis, Reported by Grahame

Hi folks, For anybody wanting to see the Travis Brown Teal now would be a good time to make a visit. There’s 3 male birds making a regular appearence, it’s not unusual to be able to see 2 at a time. Have a look in the early afternoon to the right of the culvert between […]

Travis Wetland Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks, just letting you know that the Glossy Ibis is still around Travis, usually in the SW corner. We’ve recommenced a bird monitoring programme at the site and recent sightings include 1 Cattle Egret, 1 White Heron, 1 Black-fronted Dotterel. No Bitterns or Marsh Crake sighted recently, but I’ll wager that both sp are […]

Travis Wetland Reported By Grahame

Hi folks, Some days going birding produces some real fun results. Today at Travis Wetland I managed to score a couple of the scarcer birds that can be found there. White Heron and a Brown Teal. This is the 3rd time that I know of that the Heron has been seen in the past week, […]

Travis Wetland reported by Andrew Crossland

The Glossy Ibis was at Travis Wetland (back for something like the 19th consecutive year!), and I assume its the same one as seen at Bexley Wetland (a few kms away) earlier in the week.

Also at Travis yesterday, was a B/F Dotterel,



Travis Wetland Reported By Andrew Crossland

S/W Plover = 19 Pied Stilt = 23

Leucistic Waxeye at Travis

Leucistic Waxeye feeding in willows with large number of waxeyes

Glossy Ibis at Travis

Glossy Ibis in breeding plumage at Travis, on the shore of the pond west of the bird hide seen this morning.

Travis Reported by john skilton

Glossy Ibis in breeding plumage at Travis, on the shore of the pond west of the bird hide seen this morning. Also 4 pateke 2 male and 2 female on the pond.


Are these Chestnut teal? by Duncan Watson

The 2 teal species found at Travis are Grey teal and Brown teal.

The only Chestnut teal confirmed in canty was a male at the Kowai Rivermouth about 15 yrs ago.

I see what you mean about “chestnutty looking” with this bird, but have always understood that the brownish bits of the face of female […]