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Grey Teal at Oxidation Ponds

Grey Teal with young

Estuary of the Avon and Heathcote Rivers & Oxidation Ponds (reported by Andrew Crossland)

810 Black Swan 989 Canada Goose 7 Feral Goose 119 Paradise Shelduck 178 Mallard/Grey Duck 62 NZ Shoveler 1006 Grey Teal 2457 NZ Scaup 18 Australasian Coot 30 Pukeko 268 Black-backed Gull 2 Red-billed Gull 15 Welcome Swallow 29 Spur-winged Plover 20 Royal Spoonbill 4 Australasian Harrier

Total = 6014

Wader count totals were:

758 […]


First Pukekos observed mating.

NZ Scaup

Observed lowering wings during flight and gliding similar to that of doves species. It lasted less that 2 seconds and was in the company of a second bird. Possibly a courtship, or breeding behaviour.

Oxidation Ponds

12 Coot – site record count.

Thursday 12th February Oxidation Ponds

AUSTRALIAN WOOD DUCK 3rd for New Zealand. In the oxidation ponds, opposite the entrance to the refuse station. Found By Andrew Crossland


Bromley Oxidation Ponds and A-H estuary wetlands Reported by Andrew Crossland

big post-breeding/moult influx now in full swing

612 Black Swan 2871 Canada Goose 6 Ferla Goose 1305 Paradise Shelduck 1221 Mallard/grey Duck 5347 NZ Shoveler 3340 Grey Teal 4734 NZ Scaup 10 Australasian Coot 123 Pukeko 18 Royal Spoonbill