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Hudsonian Godwit Linwood paddocks at high tide

Hudsonian Godwit found by Andrew Crossland today. Also found by Andrew a White-winged black Tern at Bromley ponds

Chestnut-breasted Shelduck At Bromley oxidation ponds

2 Chestnut-breasted Shelduck on the empty pond next to main road.

2 Arctic Skua over head also and

1 Great White Heron in the estuary nest to the south Brighton bridge

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Oxidation Ponds

7 Wrybill

1 Arctic Skus over head

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Oxidation Ponds

2 Wrybills

1 Turnstone

60+ Banded Dotteral

5 Bar-tailed Godwits

200+ Welcome Swallows

Oxidation Ponds/Bromley Sewage ponds Reported By Andrew Crossland

Australian Wood Duck at Bromley Sewage ponds experimental algae pond

2 Black Fronted Dotteral

Oxidation Ponds

25 Black-fronted Terns Feeding

50+ Spoonbills

Chestnut Teat at Bromley Reported by Andrew Crossland

Chestnut Teal in breeding plumage

Oxidation Ponds Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi all, The sea outfall pipe and pump station at Bromley are in the process of being commissioned and as a consequence the unit of the Christchurch Council that operate the Oxidation Ponds have reviewed security and Health and Safety considerations for the area. Consequently, they have reduced access (even to CCC ranger staff). Its […]

Bromley Oxidation Ponds & Linwood Paddocks Reported by Andrew Crossland

628 Black Swan 803 Canada Goose 5 Feral Goose 269 Paradise Shelduck 325 Mallard/Grey Duck 4596 NZ Shoveler 2523 Grey Teal 4289 NZ Scaup 5 Australasian Coot 167 Pukeko 396 Black-backed Gull 17 Royal Spoonbill 6 Harrier

Bromley Ponds

91 Royal; Spoonbill at the Bromley Ponds this week – a record number for spring