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Farewell to the Godwits at New Brighton spit

Great turn out for the departing birds with 900 people attending. Also a dark phase Arctic Skua seen.

South Shore Brighton Beach

Alaska Bird Makes Longest Nonstop Flight Ever Measured

Dave Hansford in Wellington, New Zealand for National Geographic News

September 14, 2007The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey […]

Hudsonian Godwit at Southshore Spit Reported by Ian Southey

This afternoon I clearly saw a Hudsonian Godwit on the Southshore Spit of the Avon-Heathcote 3 or 4 times in flight but did not manage to find it on the ground. Did not see any obvious wing moult so I am wondering if it was a first year bird.


Silvereyes on the move

Small numbers of Silver-eyes still flying overhead just befour dawn

Thousands of Silvereyes on the move,New Brighton spit

Thousands of Silvereyes on the move over night. Started hearing flocks at 10pm and there were still flocks going overhead at 6.30am. All birds were heading North.

New Brighton spit

1 New Zealand Pigeon (Kereru)

New Brighton Spit

1 Artic Skua

New Brighton Spit

1 Turnstone

1 Artic Skua