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Bulwers Petrel – Christchurch Today! Sorry not twitchable. Reported by Paul Scofield

Heres a blocker! First live record of a Bulwers Petrel in New Zealand from North Brighton Beach yesterday 22 January. Found by a member of the public in the surf – under care in Christchurch today.

Paul Alert: at last some skua action off CHCH beaches Reported by Andrew Crossland

Its been a slow skua season so far, appears to be less around than last year. Today, while doing a beach patrol along southshore spit, I noticed a big congregation of gulls and terns feeding about 400m offshore. Suddenly a loose formation of dark shapes arrive and the fun begins. 3 dark and 2 pale […]

Terns at Southshore, Reported by Grahame

Over the last 4 days I’ve spent many hrs out at the end of Southshore trying for a decent photo of Artic Skua. The numbers have been steadily increasing over the days. Today there was at least 8 harasssing the numerous White fronted Terns at times 4 playing tag with the one WFT. Theres been […]

Great Crested Tern adult feeding off Southshore Spit

Just letting people know – this bird was about 400m offshore amongst a feeding group of terns, 1 Arctic Skua, Huttons Shearwaters, Spotted Shags and gulls.

Adult-plumaged – dark grey wings and back, receding cap, yellow bill.



beach patrol sea bird wreck at New Brighton beach, Reported by Andrew Crossland

1 “shy” mollymawk sp

2 Northern Giant petrel,

3Bullers Shearwter,

1 flesh-footed shearwater,

2 white-chinned petrel, several =

fluttering shearwater

farory prion

huttons shearwater.

Godwit Banding at South Brighton Spit, Reported by Jan Walker

Hello All, A further msg about this banding programme. At last week’s mtg. I believe I said it was on Weds/Thurs. THIS WAS WRONG. Rob and David hope to catch on Tues 10th with Weds as back-up day. If anyone would like to help, setting up will occur from 7am on Tues, this is putting […]

New Brighton beach – By-The-Wind Sailor’s

Not Birds, but just as interesting:

By-The-Wind Sailor’s Jellyfish in large numbers along the high tide line. Counted 30 in a 5 meter section of beach.

These creatures consist of a colony of small organisms called hydroids. Underneath the dark blue or purple float (body), you can find these hydroids. The hydroids are dark […]

South Shore Brighton Beach

“The Bar-Tailed Godwits Have Arrived”

Alaska Bird Makes Longest Nonstop Flight Ever Measured

Dave Hansford in Wellington, New Zealand for National Geographic News

September 14, 2007The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed […]

New Brighton Beach

Fairy Prion. Now in the freezer at Bottle Lake rangers office.

dead on beach