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Hudsonian Godwit Linwood paddocks at high tide

Hudsonian Godwit found by Andrew Crossland today. Also found by Andrew a White-winged black Tern at Bromley ponds

Little Egret in the paddocks next to Charlesworth Reserve

Litte Egret seen feeding with white faced herons

Avon & heathcote Estuary

1 Knot

1 Arctic Skua

Confirmed arrival of Godwits at Avon-Heathcote Estuary today (SUNDAY), CHCH Reported by Andrew Crossland

Definitive evidence of new arrivals today – 458 Godwits present at high tide, and increase of 165 on numbers yesterday and 140+ more than highest confirmed winter count.

A number seen with residual breding plumage and many feeding over high tide.

The flagged birds reported in recent days may well have been new arrivals (part […]

Avon-Heathcote Estuary Reported By Andrew Crossland

110 Variable Oystercatcher 3106 South Island Pied Oystercatcher 183 Pied Stilt 24 Caspian Tern 240 Bar-tailed Godwit 84 Banded Dotterel 66 S/W Plover 24 Caspian Tern 60 Royal Spoonbill

Avon-Heathcote Estuary Reported by Andrew Crossland

110 V Oystercatcher 3106 SIPied Oystercatcher 183 Pied stilt 240 Bar-tailed Godwit 84 Banded Dotteral 66 S/W Plover 24 Caspian Tern 60 Royal Spoonbill

Avon & heathcote Estuary

2 Arctic Skua (pale and dark phase)

Trip around south of Avon/Heathcote estuary reported by Jan Walker

This afternoon, Sheila and I took a little car trip starting at Aynsley Tce on the Heathcote River at High Tide. There were quite a lot of mixed gulls there waiting for the bread van to turn up and feed them. No black-headed ones tho’.

Via the Cumnor Tce part of the Heathcote to Ferrymead […]

Rare Gull In Christchurch Reported By Kieran Rowe

My brother Gareth said he saw a strange looking seagull with a bright red bill and a black head at McCormacks bay on the way home Wednesday night and when I showed him a photo of a Franklins Gull he said that it looked a lot like that. Or possibly a Laughing Gull. This was […]

Hudsonian Godwit at Avon & heathcote Estuary Reported by Andrew Crossland

1 Hudsoniangodwit still at estuary yesterday,