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Falcon at the Halswall Quarry Reported By Bruce Kirkman

Today i saw a Falcon at the Halswall Quarry (4.7.10 3.30pm) spotted it after hearing a lot of screeching from it being mobbed by three Magpies. It sat on the rocks inside the quarry for 30 minutes, attacked some finches then flew up high and headed east out of the Quarry.

Regards, Bruce kirkman

Halswell Quarry

Grey warbler with young

Halswell Quarry Reported by Andrew Crossland

Ah, the plot thickens, large black corvids have been spotted by a number of people in he last week. Rooks were shot out completely, so while there’s a chance that some have found their way here from tiny remnant populations in Otago, there’s also a chance that these are one of 5 or so species […]