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Banks Peninsula,Port Hills

Influx of New Zealand Pipits, moving in from the high country.

Mount Pleasant

20+ Swallow, Small movement of Migration.

1 Pheasant

Spencer Park

2 Cirl Buntings

Spencer Park Reported By Andrew Crossland

2 Cirl Bunting feeding with yellowhammers, redpolls and Chaffinches on newly sown grass, 100 m inside gate on left hand side of internal park road thru picnic area.



Barnett Park

1 Male Pheasant calling from the Pine trees

Victoria park Reported by Andrew Crossland

1 male Eastern Rosella at Victoria park HQ right through autumn/winter, but no sightings yet of the usual Cirl Buntings.

Falcon at the Halswall Quarry Reported By Bruce Kirkman

Today i saw a Falcon at the Halswall Quarry (4.7.10 3.30pm) spotted it after hearing a lot of screeching from it being mobbed by three Magpies. It sat on the rocks inside the quarry for 30 minutes, attacked some finches then flew up high and headed east out of the Quarry.

Regards, Bruce kirkman

Sumner Reported by Andrew Crossland

8 Giant Petrels seen off shore

Albatross spp off Sumner

2 Albatross Sp, see with a telescope from summer (at least 2km out)

7 Gannets also feeding close in shore.

Sign of the Kiwi

Silvereye seen eating a weta.