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Reynolds Valley Rd

2 NZ Falcon

1 Tui

Banks Peninsula OSNZ Canterbury weekend Reported by Nick Allen

Eleven Canterbury OSNZers spent the past weekend in the Akaroa area of Banks Peninsula.

On the Saturday the plan was to head out for a pelagic at 10am, however a dying southerly still had a bit too much sting in it to allow us to go where we wanted – out past the heads. Instead […]

Lake Forsyth Reported by Sheila Petch

still 4 Gullbilled Terns yesterday 1 in B.P.also 21 C.Grebes including 2 very young.

Lake Ellesmere pull in, 14 C.Grebes. at least 48 Spoonies could be more,had to look into the sun. 1 Spoonie was begging from parents.


Gull-billed terns at Lake Forsyth

1 Gull billed Tern Adult

Gull-billed terns at Lake Forsyth Reported by Peter Langlands

A record count of 15 birds there yesterday in a range of plumages. Also about 20 Caspian terns .Clearly the lake has a rich food supply -I suspect smelt.Quite surprising that fish eating birds can see prey in such turbid water. Peter Langlands

Lake Forsyth

3 Gull-billed Tern

30+ Crested Grebe.

3 Caspian Tern

New species for Banks Peninsula

Gull-billed Tern at Lake Forsyth. Seen feeding along the lake edge from the main road.

Reynolds Valley Rd

1 Tui seen feeding on the flax flowers at the bottom of reynolds valley rd

4 Shining cuckoo also in the valley.

Kaituna Valley Reserve

6 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo flying over the main road late evening

Kaituna Valley Reserve, 75 Christchurch/Akaroa Rd

2 White Heron

68 Spoonbills