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Royal spoonbill at Governer’s Bay Reported by Peter Langlands

Hi all- yesterday I saw a royal spoonbill- adult- non-breed plumage feeding on the mudflats between Allandale and Governer’s Bay. This is the first time I have seen a royal spoonbill in Lyttelton Harbour, which is surprising given the numbers of birds at Lake Ellesmere and the A-H Estuary. The bird was successfully in getting […]

Tui sighted feeding in Zephyr Terrace

A group of Tui sighted feeding in Zephyr Terrace, Governor’s Bay

Tui sightings ( from Kaitorete Spit, Governors Bay, and McQueen’s Valley Reported By Rachel Barker

Hi all

People are sending in more tui sightings recently, and I’ve had some very interesting ones, which I’ve recorded below. …

Kaitorete Spit tui sightings on two days, 22 and 23 May

Phone call from friends of Rachel’s on 24-5-10: Annabel Allison and Michael Bayley. Rachel called back the farm manager, Bruce, who is […]

Governors bay

27 Bar tailed Godwit

9 Oystercatcher

6 Black-billed Gull

2 Cirl Buntings

2 Wood pigeon

1 Shinning Cuckoo

2 Bellbirds

4 Kingfishers

6 White-faced Herons

Governors bay

2 New Zealand Wood pigeon