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Ashley Estuary

1 New Zealand Falcon

Ashley Estuary

90 Black-fronted Terns

100c White-fronted Terns

8 Caspian Terns – one with bands, Right leg red over white, Left leg silver.

9 Banded Dotterels

15 Spoonbills

6 Kingfishers

Ashley River Mouth Reported by Christopher Moses

50+ Spotted shag at the Ashley river mouth 20 or so Black-fronted tern at the Ashley river mouth 2 little owl in some trees next to Ashley river and 1 NZ Falcon in the same trees as the owls.

Ashley Estuary (Reported By Jan Walker)

1 Tattler Siberian 2 Bar-tail Godwits (only 1 in estuary, other in paddocks). 1 Red-billed gull with bands. 2 Wrybill 1 Black Stilt 30 Black-fronted Terns 200 White-fronted Terns 2 Little Owls 12+ Quails Lots of Kingfishers and harriers