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whimbrel at Ashley Estuary

This lone whimbrel was spotted hanging out on the edge of a flock of about 100 godwits at Ashley Estuary.

It was a good birding day. In addition to the whimbrel and godwits, other birds included: six lesser knots, two juvenile black stilt and numerous pied stilt; variable and pied oystercatcher; black-fronted, white fronted and […]

kaki at Ashley Estuary

spotted two juvenile kaki at Ashley Estuary today.

Leg bands were Black/Orange/Red – Black/Yellow, and Black/Orange/Red – Black/Red

Ashley estuary

5 knot

1 curlew

Ashley Estuary

Bev Alexander and Sheila Petch went to the Ashley Estuary and found the following.

30+ Bar-tailed Godwits 11 Red Knot 2 Turnstone 1 Red-necked Stint 1 Grey-tailed Tattler

and 37 other species. Tide was out, weather fine but overcast

Cheers, Jan

Ashley Estuary

Hello Birders,

Bev Alexander and Peter Reese were at the Ashley estuary on Friday and managed to spot the elusive Far Eastern Curlew there again. 2 Whimbrels there too. Hope they stay put until next weekend when we do the Feb Wader Count in Canterbury.

Cheers, jan

Ashley Estuary

168 Canada geese 1 Black Shag 3 Spotted Shag 12 Little Shag 5 Coot 12 Scaup 15 Shoveler duck 53 Mallard 11 possible Gray Duck 2 Paradise Shellduck 1 Cattle Egret 6 Spoonbills 5 White Faced Heron 282 Great black-backed Gull 60 Red-billed gull 25 Black-billed Gull 20 Black-fronted Tern 4 White-fronted Tern 9 […]

Whimbrel at Ashley Estuary Reported by Jan Walker

There’s still a whimbrel at ashley estuary. It had a pale rump making it the variegatus race. Seen during yesterday’s farewell to the waders of Canty OSNZ branch. Cheers, jan

Ashley Estuary

2 Black Stilts 64 Pied Stilts

24 Banded Dotterels 77 Pied Oystercatcher

22Variable Oystercatcher

35 Bar-tailed Godwits

4 Spur-winged Plover 7 Black-fronted Terns 122 White-fronted Terns 2 Caspian Terns 6 Spoonbills

36 Gray Teal

1 Black shag

17 Pied Shag

2 little Shag 16 Spotted Shag

Ashley Estuary

2 Black Stilts

45 banded Dotterals

38 Bar-tailed Godwits

200c White Fronted Terns

2 Juv Black Fronted Terns

Ashley Estuary Reported by Jan Walker

1 Far-eastern Curlew,

1 Whimbrel

1 Knot

100 Bartailed Godwits 300 White-fronted terns

1 Shining Cuckoo 1 Little Owl