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Kaitorete Spit

1 Female Orca see 30m off shore heading south slowly.

Whale rescue at Port levy

About 40 whales were saved and 10-15 died at Port Levy this morning.

Scarbourough Head (7pm)

Huttons Shearwaters close to shore.

Possible ANTARTIC PETREL Seen near fishing Boat which was anchored off shore. Cape Petrel with all white wing-bar!

215 Hutton’s petrel

15 Cape petrel

8 Giant petrel


1 Possible pomarine Skua

2 Hetcors dolphin


New Brighton beach – By-The-Wind Sailor’s

Not Birds, but just as interesting:

By-The-Wind Sailor’s Jellyfish in large numbers along the high tide line. Counted 30 in a 5 meter section of beach.

These creatures consist of a colony of small organisms called hydroids. Underneath the dark blue or purple float (body), you can find these hydroids. The hydroids are dark […]