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Tui seen at Leithfield Village, reported by Janey Thomas

Sighting of a Tui at Leithfield Village .

Reynolds Valley Rd

1 Tui seen feeding on the flax flowers at the bottom of reynolds valley rd

4 Shining cuckoo also in the valley.

306 Reynolds Valley Rd

1 Tui

1 Morepork

Reynolds Valley Rd

1 Tui

8 Brown creepers

Tui at Pages Road Reported By Maureen Paterson

Good Afternoon Niall; There have been beelbirds round South Shore, South Brighton and Aranui for years. When I was delivering Meals on Wheels yesterday in Aranui yesterday just before midday, I was listening to a bellbird singing his head off and I then realised that there was a tui as well singing his head off! […]

Reynolds Valley Road, Okuti Valley, Little River

1 Tui seen feeding at the head of the valley.

10+ Brown Creeper

Tui heard in Akaroa Reported by Peter Tocker

At least one tui heard in Rue Benoit, Akaroa, yesterday afternoon – about 3pm

Tui sighting Mt Pleasant Reported by Suzanne Fenwick

Early last Sunday morning, we heard a lovely “bell” birdsong close by but were unable to locate where/what it was coming from. However, approximately an hour later, I looked out my kitchen window and there was a tui singing again on the top of a neighbour’s macrocarpa tree. Lovely to see and hear.


Tui update – May 2010

Hi, all- It’s been another busy month for our Peninsula tui, and an equally busy month for tui-spotters: in the last month we’ve had over 200 reports of tui (heard, seen or radio-tracked)! Since May 1st, 29 of the 2010 releasees have been sighted or tracked, along with at least 16 of the 2009 releasees. […]

Tui sightings ( from Kaitorete Spit, Governors Bay, and McQueen’s Valley Reported By Rachel Barker

Hi all

People are sending in more tui sightings recently, and I’ve had some very interesting ones, which I’ve recorded below. …

Kaitorete Spit tui sightings on two days, 22 and 23 May

Phone call from friends of Rachel’s on 24-5-10: Annabel Allison and Michael Bayley. Rachel called back the farm manager, Bruce, who is […]