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Annual city-wide Pukeko monitoring Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks, this year is the 31st year since peak winter monitoring of > Pukeko on the Linwood Paddocks started, and 32 years since Travis was > first monitored. For the last decade all the key sites in CHCH have > been covered in June, providing a useful index of Pukeko abundance and > distribution. […]

Gull-billed terns at Lake Forsyth Reported by Peter Langlands

A record count of 15 birds there yesterday in a range of plumages. Also about 20 Caspian terns .Clearly the lake has a rich food supply -I suspect smelt.Quite surprising that fish eating birds can see prey in such turbid water. Peter Langlands

760 Black-fronted Terns on the Waimakariri River

760 Black- fronted Terns on the Waimakariri River, between weedons ross rd and thompsons rd. This included about 60 juvenile birds. The birds seemed to be sheltering from the strong north west wind, however there was a small number moving to and from a north west direction, possibly to some paddocks over the stop bank.


Great White Herons, Sightings


Great white Herons in a larger map

75 Christchurch/Akaroa Rd

9 Great White Herons feeding next to Lake Ellesmere. They seemed to be feeding on young eels.

Avon & heathcote Estuary Reported by Andrew Crossland

102 Royal Spoonbills

Lake Ellesmere, Kaitorete Spit

Hello All,

The family took the dogs to Kaitorete Spit beach this morning as we often do at holiday times. Today it was unusually calm; cloudy with a light nor-wester. We were the only people for miles around. An immature Pied Shag looked a bit sick away down the beach, standing there doing nothing, so […]

Waimakariri River at Harewood Crossbank Reported byJan Walker

Hi All,

Spent two hours here this morning, some of it with kate Roughan, Ecan ranger in charge of birds for the waimak.

sheila and i thought there were 1000 to 1500 Blackbilled gulls in 2 colonies close together, 750 or so in the one upstream which is at a higher elevation and likely to […]

Doyleston Reported by Bev Alexander

Hi all,

7 Cattle Egrets somewhere near Doyleston out Leeston way and another 1 on Tulls Rd dairy farm paddocks near Rangiora.

Bexley Wetland

37 Variable Oystercatcher