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Matuku/Australasian Bittern Kaiapoi Island reported by steve

It was great while walking the Poynter nature track on Kaiapoi Island, Waimakariri River, Christchurch, to hear (but unfortunately not see) two bittern booming. This is a great little wetland wedged between the Waimakariri and Kaiapoi rivers is very rewarding for its mix of estuarine, scrub and bushland birds but it is the first time […]

Lake Ellesmere/Kaitorete Spit/Greenshank Reported by Stephen Wratten,

Colin Hill and I went to the Spit Oct 4 pm- good light but strong S-W wind – and found:

1 Greenshank. It flew from a S-E direction from the dunes area to the lake. Typical ringing teu teu teu call alerted us. Good view of white rump extending well up lower back. Legs not […]

One less Cape Barren Goose Reported by Peter Langlands

A note from the Editor : I think the rule identify your target should apply to everything you are prepared to shoot. It would be a start if courses to identify species were offered to hunters so that they could appreciate the beauty of these birds while killing them.

Regards Niall

Well folks one less […]

Bittern, Bexley Wetland Reported by Grahame

Hi folks, I was wandering around Bexley Wetland today looking for some Goldfinch to pose for me when i flushed a Bittern. He must have been out in the open, I just wasn’t looking that far ahead of me. It only flew a short distance and did what Bitterns do best.

I tried to […]

Travis Wetland Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks, just letting you know that the Glossy Ibis is still around Travis, usually in the SW corner. We’ve recommenced a bird monitoring programme at the site and recent sightings include 1 Cattle Egret, 1 White Heron, 1 Black-fronted Dotterel. No Bitterns or Marsh Crake sighted recently, but I’ll wager that both sp are […]

Terns and stints at Lake Ellesmere Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Greenpark Huts in the east to Yarr’s Reserve to the west We found


122 banded dotterel 19 pied stilt 12 royal spoonbill 1 wrybill

Jarvis Road

3 red-necked stint (winter plumage) 6 wrybill 10 banded dotterel

Embankment Road

66 pied stilt 3 wrybill 10 banded dotterel


5 […]

Lower Selwyn Huts Reported by Sheila Petch

Bev and I, at lower Selwyn Huts, 6 little terns still there,and a bonus of l bittern flying over. From the beach at Coopers Lagoon 4 Arctic skuas hastling the W,F.terns,2 light and 2 dark phase. A lovely balmy Indian summer day.

Lake Forsyth Reported by Sheila Petch

still 4 Gullbilled Terns yesterday 1 in B.P.also 21 C.Grebes including 2 very young.

Lake Ellesmere pull in, 14 C.Grebes. at least 48 Spoonies could be more,had to look into the sun. 1 Spoonie was begging from parents.


Hardhead at Kaiapoi ponds Reported by Phil Crutchley

Visited the Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon. He has moved one pond further North. At the Northern end of the second pond there is a deer fence with wind cloth on it and another pond behind it, which unfortunatley is on private land but you can look over parts of it. The hardhead was there at […]

Hardhead male at Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon reported by Bev Alexander and Sheila Petch

Bev has reported that Sheila and she saw a Hardhead/Whiteeyed Duck, [male] at Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon at about 2-2.30pm. The bird was in the ponds on the right of the old main road, across from the pond on the left where the Marsh Crakes are, going North towards the motorway.

Yet another Aussie vagrant. […]