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Glossy Ibis back at Travis Wetland for 16th year Reported by Andrew Crossland

The Glossy Ibis was back today – for the 16th consecutive winter – at Travis Wetland Reserve, CHCH. First sighted in winter 1999 its been here every winter since. Its habits and the sites it is faithful to, mean that it can be none other than the same bird each year. Does anyone know what […]

Farewell to the Godwits at New Brighton spit

Great turn out for the departing birds with 900 people attending. Also a dark phase Arctic Skua seen.

South Shore Brighton Beach

Alaska Bird Makes Longest Nonstop Flight Ever Measured

Dave Hansford in Wellington, New Zealand for National Geographic News

September 14, 2007The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey […]

Godwits News Reported by Jan Walker

Some of our Godwits [3] have been spotted up at the head of the Yellow Sea, between China and S Korea, quite near the border, in a nature reserve called Yalu Jiang. Good job we gave them a nice send off, but don’t suppose they noticed, little fat lumps that they were. Funny how attached […]

Farewell to the Godwits Reported by Jan Walker

Farewell to the Godwits is on Weds 3rd March at 5.30pm. A little uncertain where this will be held exactly. The tide will be very high indeed and the birds could be at Charlesworth, so watch for updates. As usual some telescopes will be needed to show the birds in their full glory! So if […]