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Birdlings Flat By Andrew Crossland

37 Short-Tailed Shearwaters found dead on beach

1 Mottled Petrel

+ Giant Petrel

+ Albotross Sp

all found dead on beach by CCC rangers a day after the storm.

One less Cape Barren Goose Reported by Peter Langlands

A note from the Editor : I think the rule identify your target should apply to everything you are prepared to shoot. It would be a start if courses to identify species were offered to hunters so that they could appreciate the beauty of these birds while killing them.

Regards Niall

Well folks one less […]

Seabird wreck along CHCH beaches in last 3 wks

Hi folks,

There’s a been a seasonal wreck of seabirds along CHCH beaches over the last 2 weeks. Phil Crutchley patrolled from the Waimakariri Rivermouth to Southshore spit tip on1/12 when the wreck was just starting and did a follow up patrol with Nial Mugan on 19 & 20/12, picking up birds that had come […]

Kaitorete Spit Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks,

Just reporting a bronze phase Stewart Island Shag feeding along Katorete Spit – on the ocean side, approx. opposite the old tram bach near the spit tip.

Also a pale phase Arctic skua harrassing W/F Terns in the same area.

A 3 km beach patrol along that stretch of kaitorete Spit found 1 […]

beach patrol sea bird wreck at New Brighton beach, Reported by Andrew Crossland

1 “shy” mollymawk sp

2 Northern Giant petrel,

3Bullers Shearwter,

1 flesh-footed shearwater,

2 white-chinned petrel, several =

fluttering shearwater

farory prion

huttons shearwater.

Upper Ashley River Reported by Peter Langlands

Hi all- recently found 16 dead adult black-billed gulls at a colony of ca 70 pairs in Lees Valley, Upper Ashley River . Chicks starving. Dead birds in colony with no apparent cause of death ( ie. no bullet holes or 4WD tracks). A concern . Have photographs of colony. Poisoning or an avian disease […]

Jarvis Rd

Hunting at lake Ellesmere? The birds consisted of 9 Black Swans and 2 Pigeon. Its sad to think that people go out for a days hunting and have such little respect for what thay are hunting. Not to mention polluting the waterways.


Brooklands lagoon

1 Southern Giant Petrel found dead at Brooklands lagoon

Waimakariri River Mouth Reported by Kaye Wilson

White-Flippered Blue Penguin found dead along the beach near the Waimakariri River mouth. Possibly the result of a dog attack

Charlesworth Reserve

1 Juv Aus Harrier found dead under pylons. Now in the freezer at Bottle Lake rangers office.