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Banded Black-billed Gull at Taumutu, Lake Ellesmere Reported by Sheila Petch & Jan Walker

Yesterday 10th July 2012, Bev, Clem and I saw a bird banded M/W in the mixed flock of gulls scrabbling for flounder entrails as Clem and his crew cleaned their fish.

Can someone please say where and when this bird was banded? I have some idea but not sure.


This bird was banded by […]

Yellow-eyed Penguin at Spencerville Beach Reported by Andrew Crossland

bumped into a juv YEP coming out of the surf at Spencerville Beach, NE Christchurch late this afternoon. It was banded so I thought it might be one of the juvs fledged from the 7+ pairs that breed on nearby Banks Peninsula. The number was J19062, which my contacts in DoC tell me is an […]

Godwits on the Avon & heathcote Estuary Reported by Jan Walker

They were on sandbanks to start with and eventually we could see that 3RBWY with his bright BP was still there. He was 1 of 140 birds. We went to Charlesworth, as there must have been more somewhere, and there were 260 there! Some arrived as we were watching. There were still several females in […]

Between Embankment and Clark’s Reported by Jan Walker

Hi All,

1 Wrybill with bands: David can you help? I can’t find the email of the banding office. WRWY

There was also a Banded Dotterel with O flag right tibia.

Other spp.:

Banded dotterel 800+ Wrybill 130+ Pied stilt 300+ Hybrid Stilt, possibly F node Red-necked stint 10 Pectoral sandpiper 3 Sharp-tailed […]

Little Stint Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

I’d givet ‘very probable’ status to this stint-Colin and I made notes-see below The bird was in the pool east of the Embankment Road fence and roosying with Wrybills and r n s east of there

It stood out like a beacon-the rufous colouation overall was almost orange

Other notes: -dark centres to wing coverts […]

Yellow-eyed penguin

Hi there Yellow-eyed penguin chicks are fledging from the Otago coast as we speak. As some of these birds are Canterbury bound, I thought I better mention that we’ve marked about 100 with subcutaneous transponders this year. The YEPs marked in this way have no external mark to indicate that they contain a microchip. We’ve […]

Tasmania leg-falgged banded Dotterel Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks, while doing some bird work out on kaitorete Spit on Sunday, Phil Crutchley and I came across this leg-falgged banded Dotterel. Its a species that breeds in NZ, funeels through Lake Ellesmere and Canterbury estuaries on migration, then part of the population migrates to Australia. It turns out this one had been […]

Godwit Banding at South Brighton Spit, Reported by Jan Walker

Hello All, A further msg about this banding programme. At last week’s mtg. I believe I said it was on Weds/Thurs. THIS WAS WRONG. Rob and David hope to catch on Tues 10th with Weds as back-up day. If anyone would like to help, setting up will occur from 7am on Tues, this is putting […]

RED flag and band combinations on Bar-tailed Godwits in New Zealand

Dear friends, Please be advised that a NEW flag and band combination is now being used on BAR-TAILED GODWITS in NEW ZEALAND – the FLAGS are RED (rather than white which has been used up to this time). The colours used for the bands remain the same (Red, White, Blue, Yellow). The use of red […]

New Brighton Pier

Red Billed Gull- Silver on the left and white on the right.