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Garden Bird Survey

Landcare Research, in collaboration with Forest & Bird and the Ornithological Society, established a garden bird survey to monitor the distribution and population trends of common garden birds in New Zealand.

New Additional questions and answers Garden Bird Survey blog Recording form 60KB Identification flyer with recording form, low resultion 296KB Identification flyer with […]

Mystery Bird Quiz

Answer next week 1st of Feb

Mystery Bird Quiz

White-faced Storm petrel

Mystery Bird Quiz

Answer On the 5/1/2010. To see more Mysterys bird photos click on link at the top of the page or

Waimakariri River Mouth Reported by Kaye Wilson

White-Flippered Blue Penguin found dead along the beach near the Waimakariri River mouth. Possibly the result of a dog attack

Beach patrol from southsore spit to the Waimakariri rivermouth reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folksd,

DoC picked up a live Antarctic Fulmar from a garden in Sth New Brighton tonight and the bird is currrently being cared for by local bird rehabilitation expert Jackie Stevenson.

I did a beach patrol from southsore spit to the Waimakariri rivermouth today to see if any other seabirds had come ashore.

Totals […]

E-Wrybill 1st Dec 2009: Dec Wader Count, Lake Ellesmere. 9am Embankment Rd, Greenpark.

Hello All, We had our last evening meeting of the year last night with Richard Holdaway talking to 25 people about bird migration and his theory which removes any intelligent thought from the bird’s brain. Watch this space. Gormless Godwits. NEXT FIELDTRIP THIS SAT, 5th DEC starts at 9am end of Embankment Rd. Bring gumboots […]

E-Wrybill 25th Nov 2009 : Next Evening Meeting 30th Nov 2009 7.30pm Prof Richard Holdaway on Migration and how and why and when

Hello all, The NEXT MEETING is in the usual place, Doc office at Sockburn at 7.30pm next Monday. Richard is a perennially popular speaker and always produces important and informative ghround-breaking talks. Don’t miss this one. The last 4 days have been a whirl of birdy doings [literally in places] and you might like to […]

May 17 2009 Second Anniversary of the release of Pateke At Travis Wetland

Kia ora all,

Yesterday Matt and I confirmed the presence of an unbanded female pateke at Travis. Most likely a survivor of the first generation of ducklings hatched at Travis. The female pateke was seen with a banded mail bird (we think OY-M) and they were behaving as a pair. […]

25 Tui release on 9th April

Please report any sightings of Tui in the Chrischurch Area. Birds that have been released are fitted with radio tags, however somtimes thay do go out of range of the receivers. So please keep a look out for any birds in your garden etc. Please email: with any sightings.