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Grey-backed Storm petrel, Kaikoura Supermarket

From Ailsa Howard on Facebook: “Here is a very unusual visitor. As part of the Hutton’s Flysafe week crashlanded birds are being brought into the “Hub” by the Kaikoura Community and researches alike. On Sat morning Ted went out to pick up a bird had been phoned in from the local supermarket, and realised […]

Birdlings Flat By Andrew Crossland

37 Short-Tailed Shearwaters found dead on beach

1 Mottled Petrel

+ Giant Petrel

+ Albotross Sp

all found dead on beach by CCC rangers a day after the storm.

Waimakariri River Mouth Reported by Kaye Wilson

White-Flippered Blue Penguin found dead along the beach near the Waimakariri River mouth. Possibly the result of a dog attack

Beach patrol from southsore spit to the Waimakariri rivermouth reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folksd,

DoC picked up a live Antarctic Fulmar from a garden in Sth New Brighton tonight and the bird is currrently being cared for by local bird rehabilitation expert Jackie Stevenson.

I did a beach patrol from southsore spit to the Waimakariri rivermouth today to see if any other seabirds had come ashore.

Totals […]