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Grey-backed Storm petrel, Kaikoura Supermarket

From Ailsa Howard on Facebook: “Here is a very unusual visitor. As part of the Hutton’s Flysafe week crashlanded birds are being brought into the “Hub” by the Kaikoura Community and researches alike. On Sat morning Ted went out to pick up a bird had been phoned in from the local supermarket, and realised […]

Birdlings Flat By Andrew Crossland

37 Short-Tailed Shearwaters found dead on beach

1 Mottled Petrel

+ Giant Petrel

+ Albotross Sp

all found dead on beach by CCC rangers a day after the storm.

E-Wrybill 17th July 2012: Ashburton Lakes Fieldtrip Reported by Jan walker

Hello All,

This Saturday is the Ashburton Lakes fieldtrip.

All waterbirds are counted on the lakes in the high country basins of the headwaters of the Ashburton River, plus Lake Heron. There are often large numbers of Coot, Scaup and some Crested Grebe, plus a Bittern or Falcon, with luck.

An early start is needed […]

Annual Garden Bird Survey

Hello there,

I am writing on behalf of Eric Spurr from Landcare Research who organises the Annual Garden Bird Survey. This year’s survey will run from 30th June to 8th July. We are trying to spread the word about the Garden Bird Survey far and wide throughout New Zealand to try and get more people […]

Sunday OSNZ wader count at Lake Ellesmere.

Just reporting that Phil Crutchley, Niall Mugan and Scott Butcher were at Kaitorete Spit Tip, Lake Ellesmere today and picked up a nice assemblage of arctic waders (1 RN Stint, 1 Curlew Sand, 1 knot, 13 Turnstone, as well as 6 Wrybill – but they had a great group of terns (56 species!) – 91 […]

Saterday OSNZ wader count at Lake Ellesmere

1 Gull-billed Tern (almost certainly the bird found by Steve Wratten and Colin Hill) 4 Intermediate Egrets, all in one group 1 Cape Barren Goose

The Cape Barren Goose was near the eastern fence (straight on if you park at the end of Embankment Road) The other Aussies were the other side of the western […]

Kaupapa Kereru is hosting the third Banks Peninsula Community Kereru Count from 12th – 20th February 2011.

Kaupapa Kererū was established in 2001 and aims to increase the numbers and range of kererū on Banks Peninsula through scientific research, community participation, and active management.

Our previous Kereru Community Counts have been very successful. More than 140 people participated in the counts, over 40% of the peninsula was surveyed, and hundreds of kererū […]

JULY Kea Survey – One weekend to go!

TO ALL SOUTHERN BIRDERS – the Kea Conservation Trust is running a survey of kea each weekend afternoon during July. There is now only one weekend to go!

If anyone is planning on being out in the Southern Alps, the Kaikoura Mtns and along the South Islands West coast, please visit the kea website ( […]

Pukeko census Reported By Andrew Crossland

June city-wide annual Pukeko census of key wintering sites – totals: Styx Mill Basin = 201, Linwood paddocks = 555, Travis Wetland = 308, Upper Lyttelton Harbour = 149, Heathcote Valley; Aidanfield area = 194; Heathcote valley = 121

E-Wrybill 15th June 2010 Winter Wader Count Lake Ellesmere

Hi All,

Meet at 9.30am far end of Embankment Rd with gumboots, scopes and bins if you have them!. Hot drinks and food optional, wet-weather gear essential. The weather looks like reasonable, even NW winds, possible showers on Sunday at this stage, but not a lot. So Saturday ought to be OK. While you are […]