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Nesting Spur-winged Plovers, Reported by Jan Walker

A pair of Spur-wings are nesting already in the paddock down Kennedys Bush Rd , Halswell, that they used last year. It seems to get earlier and earlier. A few days ago I thought the sitting bird was a clump of liquefaction, but no, it is indeed a bird, with mate nearby.

There were 5 […]


Silvereye’s are on the move again!!!!

Large flocks seen flying north early morning over the last week. Please report any sightings to me

Banks Peninsula,Port Hills

Influx of New Zealand Pipits, moving in from the high country.

Pigeon Bay,Banks Peninsula

Rifleman nesting in earth bank

Magnet Bay, Banks Peninsula

Almost certainly a Erect crested penguin Moulting, at Magnet Bay, Banks Peninsula. viewers please use discretion

Waimakariri River

Hi everyone,

Here is the next and long overdue update about the Waimak river birds.

The black-billed gull colony around the Groyne 53 mark is doing well and yesterday I managed to count around 100 chicks so this is a good start. The colony has maintained its size well and has probably grown since its […]

Waimakariri River

1 Black Fronted Dotteral (4km above the bridges) E1569898 N5192228

Still not confirmed as Breeding

1 Shining Cuckoo

Avon & heathcote Estuary Reported by Andrew Crossland

Arctic Skua

Ashley River reported by Nick Ledgard

Reporting on our annual survey. We completed that on Saturday and were lucky with the weather (overcast, some spits of rain). We had 14 turn up, so good numbers to do the normal stretches of the river, which was quite crossable. Many thanks to all those who helped in this once-a-year important event [about […]

Upper Ashley River Reported by Peter Langlands

Hi all- recently found 16 dead adult black-billed gulls at a colony of ca 70 pairs in Lees Valley, Upper Ashley River . Chicks starving. Dead birds in colony with no apparent cause of death ( ie. no bullet holes or 4WD tracks). A concern . Have photographs of colony. Poisoning or an avian disease […]