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Lake Forsyth Reported by Sheila Petch

still 4 Gullbilled Terns yesterday 1 in B.P.also 21 C.Grebes including 2 very young.

Lake Ellesmere pull in, 14 C.Grebes. at least 48 Spoonies could be more,had to look into the sun. 1 Spoonie was begging from parents.


Waimakariri River

2 Wrybill with 2 fledging

1 Black Stilt paired with pied stilt

Paradise Shelducklings, Reported by David Melville

Julia and I were in central Christchurch yesterday (29 August) and were surprised to see a family of 5 Paradise ducklings on the Avon River – HANZAB indicates laying in early August with incubation at 30-35 days – the ducklings were probably 5 days old so presumably laid in late July.


Halswell Quarry

Grey warbler with young

Stax Mill Basin

1 Cattle Egret flying over being mobbed by a Black-Backed Gull

1 Pukeko chick

Spur-winged Plover Leeston

A pair of Spur-winged plover chicks feeding in paddock

Paradise Shelduck At Travis

Paradise Shelduck with 6 young

Grey Teal at Oxidation Ponds

Grey Teal with young