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Nesting Spur-winged Plover Reported by jan Walker

Yesterday, 9th June 2010, there was a bird sitting in a paddock down Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell, Christchurch, attended by a partner bird. This was in a paddock where a pair reared chicks last year, but much later in that year.

Anyone else got dates for early nesting S-W Ps?

Tui Update Reported by Laura Molles

Hi, all-

It’s been a busy few months for the tui group as we prepared for the capture and arrival of the second wave of translocated tui. This followed a summer of monitoring by our intrepid summer scholar Karen Middlemiss, who finished her work in February having monitored several nests and resighted several of the […]

Little Black Cormorant Reported by Andrew Crossland

The local population of Little Black Cormorant has increased to 10 this year following the second successive succesful nesting by a pair – the only breeding by this species known in the South Island. The birds move about quite a bit but can usually be seen either at Lake Kate Sheppard (off New Brighton Road […]

Status of rifleman on Bank’s Peninsula

Hi all- From my own observations,, and those of some friends, there appears to have been a dramatic decline in rifleman numbers on Banks Peninsula over the last five years. Does any one else have observations to support this ? Kind rgds Peter

Peter Langlands Outdoor/ environmental writing and photography B.Sc (Zoology) Diploma of Science […]

An update on the tui project on Banks Peninsula Reported by Frances Schmechel

An update on the tui project on Banks Peninsula…..(from the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust)

Update from Karen (employed by Lincoln University over summer at Akaroa):

14 tui have been identified over summer. (The target for the project was 20% of the released tui still on BP after 10 months, so nearly 50% is excellent). […]

Sign of the Kiwi

Silvereye seen eating a weta.

white winged black tern in the Rakaia Catchment Canterbury high country

Hi all- I saw a WWBT in full breeding plumage with a small colony of nesting black fronted terns , on the Harper River (Upper Rakaia Catchment) on 9th December. The bird was sighted in exactly the same spot, where the Lillian Creek flows into the Harper River in Dec 2007- 2391220 E / 5778560 […]

Great news for black-billed gulls in the Waimakariri Regional Park!Reported By Frances Schmechel

Greetings, a final update on the two black-billed gull colonies in the Waimakariri Regional Park. As most of you will know one large nesting colony of about 900 – 1000 endangered black-billed gulls established on an island at Harewood Crossbank (Power Pylons) at the end of October. A white-fronted tern colony of about 350 adults […]

Peninsula opposite Ripapa island, Lyttleton Harbour Reported by Andrew Crossland

2 pairs of variable Oystercatcher, both nesting/chick behaviour

Tui have bred on Banks Peninsula! reported by Laura Molles, Lincoln University

Hi, everyone-

Tui monitoring has kicked off again, and we’re off to a very good start – just yesterday, after many hours of searching, monitors Steve and Ursula found an active tui nest at Otanerito. Although it is not possible to see into the nest, evidence points to it being early in the nestling stage; […]