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Spring is here

look out for the influx of Swallows this week and take note of the Harriers displaying. Black fronted terns have also changed there calls indicating the start of the breeding season. On clear days like this Sunday listen out for the skylark high in the sky.

Erect crested penguin

Single birds discovered on private land so sorry no access.

Wax eyes on the move

Wax eyes on the move again, please report any large flocks.

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over-summering White Herons Reported by Andrew Crossland

Interesting to read Sav’s posting about a Great Egret still present in Taradale, Hawkes Bay. Generally over spring-early summer the entire population are centred near Okarito on the West Coast. In the CHCH area 2 different individuals have stayed through spring-summer on Brooklands lagoon and the lower Avon River. A year or two ago a […]

The Groynes Reported by Ann Sherlock

Shining Cuckoo heard at The Groynes, north Christchurch yesterday.

Ann Sherlock

Confirmed arrival of Godwits at Avon-Heathcote Estuary today (SUNDAY), CHCH Reported by Andrew Crossland

Definitive evidence of new arrivals today – 458 Godwits present at high tide, and increase of 165 on numbers yesterday and 140+ more than highest confirmed winter count.

A number seen with residual breding plumage and many feeding over high tide.

The flagged birds reported in recent days may well have been new arrivals (part […]

Arctics’ still at L Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went to Embankment and Yarr’s and found….. not much-then hit gold at Greenpark Huts

Totals for all areas combined:

pied stilt 246 mute swan 8 banded dotterel 75 (one ad.) wrybill 17 spoonbill 26

At Greenpark:

sharp-tailed sandpiper 1 (summer plumage)

red-necked stint 19 (some in summer plumage)

Cheers Steve

Lake Forsyth Reported by Sheila Petch

still 4 Gullbilled Terns yesterday 1 in B.P.also 21 C.Grebes including 2 very young.

Lake Ellesmere pull in, 14 C.Grebes. at least 48 Spoonies could be more,had to look into the sun. 1 Spoonie was begging from parents.


Yellow-eyed Penguin at Spencerville Beach Reported by Andrew Crossland

bumped into a juv YEP coming out of the surf at Spencerville Beach, NE Christchurch late this afternoon. It was banded so I thought it might be one of the juvs fledged from the 7+ pairs that breed on nearby Banks Peninsula. The number was J19062, which my contacts in DoC tell me is an […]

Waimakariri River

2 Wrybill with 2 fledging

1 Black Stilt paired with pied stilt