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Glossy Ibis back at Travis Wetland for 16th year Reported by Andrew Crossland

The Glossy Ibis was back today – for the 16th consecutive winter – at Travis Wetland Reserve, CHCH. First sighted in winter 1999 its been here every winter since. Its habits and the sites it is faithful to, mean that it can be none other than the same bird each year. Does anyone know what […] Alert: at last some skua action off CHCH beaches Reported by Andrew Crossland

Its been a slow skua season so far, appears to be less around than last year. Today, while doing a beach patrol along southshore spit, I noticed a big congregation of gulls and terns feeding about 400m offshore. Suddenly a loose formation of dark shapes arrive and the fun begins. 3 dark and 2 pale […]

Banks Peninsula

An Erect-Crested Penguin was photographed at a private bay on NE Banks Peninsula a few days ago, and seen the next day heading to sea. It was reportedly in final stages of moult. So a heads up that its time again that various unusual penguins are moulting around the South Island’s coasts.

Lake Ellesmere

2 Black Stilts at the Kaituna Lagoon part of Lake Ellesmere and 1 still at Ashley Estuary.

at least 6 Gull-billed Terns in the Greenpark Sands area of Lake Ellesmere (all in breeding plumage but not associating with a large Caspian Tern colony closeby), and 1-2 in the Crescent Island area along Kaitorete Spit.

2 […]