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Avon & heathcote Estuary

1 Knot

1 Arctic Skua

Shore Plover and lots of Pec Sands at L. Ellesmere

Colin Hill and I went to Jarvis Road, followed by Clark’s and Embankment Roads (Yarr’s Reserve too full-no mud)

We found:


1 Shore Plover-the locally-bred one seen there 10 days or so ago. It was feeding actively on adult flies (not the chironomid ‘lake flies’) on the mud surface (similar behaviour to feeding on […]

Shining Cuckoo at Governors Bay Reported by Rose Collins

I’ve just seen a shining cuckoo on my land at Governors Bay. Have never seen one before! It was in kanuka bush and flew over our heads and then landed above us so I got a good look at it and saw the green sheen and distinctive black and white stripes. A beautiful sight.


Ashley river survey on Saturday, Nov 24

Hi Jan Would you be able to put around a request to the OSNZ folk – for assistance with our Ashley river survey on Saturday, Nov 24. We shall meet at the Ashley River road bridge picnic area on the road from Rangiora to Loburn at 9am, and it should all be over by midday. […]

Cattle Egret – Drain Rd, Lake Ellesmere Reported by Ben

Hi all.

On my way back from Taumutu I had a Cattle Egret flying right over my car just as I passed the corner of The Lake Rd/Drain Rd. I stopped as quickly as possible but lost sight of it, but then an other 4 flew south from a paddock near that corner. It took […]

Matuku/Australasian Bittern Kaiapoi Island reported by steve

It was great while walking the Poynter nature track on Kaiapoi Island, Waimakariri River, Christchurch, to hear (but unfortunately not see) two bittern booming. This is a great little wetland wedged between the Waimakariri and Kaiapoi rivers is very rewarding for its mix of estuarine, scrub and bushland birds but it is the first time […]

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Greenpark Huts to Yarr’s

Virtually none of the fancy stuff from a week ago was around but we found:

Greenpark 10 B Dotterels (inc 4 juvs) 10 stilts

Jarvis/Embankment Rd

2 banded dotterel 66 wrybill 117 stilts 10 pied oystercatchers 2 red-necked stints 133 bar-tailed godwits 17 red knot […]