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Lake Ellesmere Reported by Wratten Steve.

Colin Hill and I went from Yarr’s Reserve in the west to Greenpark Sands in the east

At Yarr’s we got:

110 godwits (Colin had found 167 there 2 days earlier) 30 stilts At Embankment road there were: 52 wrybill 4 banded dotterel

On the gravel of Embankment Road there was a mixed finch flock […]

Brown Teal, Travis, Reported by Grahame

Hi folks, For anybody wanting to see the Travis Brown Teal now would be a good time to make a visit. There’s 3 male birds making a regular appearence, it’s not unusual to be able to see 2 at a time. Have a look in the early afternoon to the right of the culvert between […]

Confirmed arrival of Godwits at Avon-Heathcote Estuary today (SUNDAY), CHCH Reported by Andrew Crossland

Definitive evidence of new arrivals today – 458 Godwits present at high tide, and increase of 165 on numbers yesterday and 140+ more than highest confirmed winter count.

A number seen with residual breding plumage and many feeding over high tide.

The flagged birds reported in recent days may well have been new arrivals (part […]

One less Cape Barren Goose Reported by Peter Langlands

A note from the Editor : I think the rule identify your target should apply to everything you are prepared to shoot. It would be a start if courses to identify species were offered to hunters so that they could appreciate the beauty of these birds while killing them.

Regards Niall

Well folks one less […]


4 White Heron

8 Spoonbills

Embankment and Jarvis Roads then to Yarr’s Reserve Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went to Embankment and Jarvis Roads then to Yarr’s Reserve I banded Dott at Jarvis

Emb. Rd had

wrybills and stilts and banded dotterels (se overall totals below) and we re-found last week’s black stilt-in very good light this time Bands were definitely : Right (above the foot) green over yellow […]