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E-Wrybill 17th July 2012: Ashburton Lakes Fieldtrip Reported by Jan walker

Hello All,

This Saturday is the Ashburton Lakes fieldtrip.

All waterbirds are counted on the lakes in the high country basins of the headwaters of the Ashburton River, plus Lake Heron. There are often large numbers of Coot, Scaup and some Crested Grebe, plus a Bittern or Falcon, with luck.

An early start is needed […]

Cape Petrel at Lake Ellesmere Reported by jan Walker

One of the eel-fishermen at Taumutu, Lake Ellesmere, told us on 10th July 2012 that he has a cape petrel following his boat when he goes out early each morning. It has been coming since the spell of very rough weather at the beginning of the month. [Swells of 6m]

If he feeds it straight […]

Gull-billed terns hawking over paddock on Lake Rd Reported by Jan Walker

On 10th july 2012 on the way back from Taumutu, Bev spotted 2 Gull-billed terns flying along the road next to us. They joined a lot of Black-billed gulls, SIPO and Starlings in a field of winter wheat? [not a lot of green growth visible] and began hawking around. Through the scope another G-bill Tern […]

Banded Black-billed Gull at Taumutu, Lake Ellesmere Reported by Sheila Petch & Jan Walker

Yesterday 10th July 2012, Bev, Clem and I saw a bird banded M/W in the mixed flock of gulls scrabbling for flounder entrails as Clem and his crew cleaned their fish.

Can someone please say where and when this bird was banded? I have some idea but not sure.


This bird was banded by […]

Annual city-wide Pukeko monitoring Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks, this year is the 31st year since peak winter monitoring of > Pukeko on the Linwood Paddocks started, and 32 years since Travis was > first monitored. For the last decade all the key sites in CHCH have > been covered in June, providing a useful index of Pukeko abundance and > distribution. […]

Bittern, Bexley Wetland Reported by Grahame

Hi folks, I was wandering around Bexley Wetland today looking for some Goldfinch to pose for me when i flushed a Bittern. He must have been out in the open, I just wasn’t looking that far ahead of me. It only flew a short distance and did what Bitterns do best.

I tried to […]