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Terns and stints at Lake Ellesmere Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Greenpark Huts in the east to Yarr’s Reserve to the west We found


122 banded dotterel 19 pied stilt 12 royal spoonbill 1 wrybill

Jarvis Road

3 red-necked stint (winter plumage) 6 wrybill 10 banded dotterel

Embankment Road

66 pied stilt 3 wrybill 10 banded dotterel


5 […]

Lower Selwyn Huts Reported by Sheila Petch

Bev and I, at lower Selwyn Huts, 6 little terns still there,and a bonus of l bittern flying over. From the beach at Coopers Lagoon 4 Arctic skuas hastling the W,F.terns,2 light and 2 dark phase. A lovely balmy Indian summer day.

Brooklands lagoon reported by Robbie Hewson

1 Falcon

1 Great white Heron

Greenpark huts Reported by Jan Walker

Sheila and I went this morning. Unfortunately it was cloudy and a bit cold. You can go down through a gate at Greenpark huts right BEFORE the first house. And then go a bit left. Not in a car.

We saw:

8 Knot, none in BP 2 Curlew sand, one very bright BP, one […]

Arctics’ still at L Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went to Embankment and Yarr’s and found….. not much-then hit gold at Greenpark Huts

Totals for all areas combined:

pied stilt 246 mute swan 8 banded dotterel 75 (one ad.) wrybill 17 spoonbill 26

At Greenpark:

sharp-tailed sandpiper 1 (summer plumage)

red-necked stint 19 (some in summer plumage)

Cheers Steve

Lake Forsyth Reported by Sheila Petch

still 4 Gullbilled Terns yesterday 1 in B.P.also 21 C.Grebes including 2 very young.

Lake Ellesmere pull in, 14 C.Grebes. at least 48 Spoonies could be more,had to look into the sun. 1 Spoonie was begging from parents.


Gull-billed terns at Lake Forsyth

1 Gull billed Tern Adult

Hardhead at Kaiapoi ponds Reported by Phil Crutchley

Visited the Kaiapoi ponds this afternoon. He has moved one pond further North. At the Northern end of the second pond there is a deer fence with wind cloth on it and another pond behind it, which unfortunatley is on private land but you can look over parts of it. The hardhead was there at […]

Gull-billed terns at Lake Forsyth Reported by Peter Langlands

A record count of 15 birds there yesterday in a range of plumages. Also about 20 Caspian terns .Clearly the lake has a rich food supply -I suspect smelt.Quite surprising that fish eating birds can see prey in such turbid water. Peter Langlands

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Embankment Road to Yarr’s Reserve and found;

White heron 6 (on Colin’s deer pond earlier that day); one at Yarr’s later

b-t godwit-6 (winter plumage)

wrybill 24

black-billed gull 299 in an irigated paddock 1km from Emb road gate white-faced heron 105 in same paddock catle egret 1 […]