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Cooper’s Lagoon and Lake Ellesmere sightings by Bev Alexander

Hi all,

Bev reports 3 Arctic Skua, [2 dark, 1 light] and 2 juv Gannets at Cooper’s Lagoon beach yesterday, 28th March. Skuas were harrassing WFTerns. 1 Cattle Egret, all white plumage, along Davidson’s Rd near Embankment Rd on 28th March was most likely the same one seen by Paul Sagar down Em. Rd. last […]

Barbary dove sighting reported by Peter Lamb

whilst writing this I am watching five barbary doves feeding on grain with our domestic ducks they appear semi tame and quite young – I can approach within two metres our location is Flaxton near Rangiora contact regards Peter Lamb

Travis Wetland reported by Andrew Crossland

The Glossy Ibis was at Travis Wetland (back for something like the 19th consecutive year!), and I assume its the same one as seen at Bexley Wetland (a few kms away) earlier in the week.

Also at Travis yesterday, was a B/F Dotterel,



New species for Banks Peninsula

Gull-billed Tern at Lake Forsyth. Seen feeding along the lake edge from the main road.

Glossy Ibis off Bexley Rd Reported by Grahame

Hi folks, I went for a wander this morning to see if I could find yesterdays reported White Heron. I didn’t get far into the search when I found this Glossy Ibis. For those that know the area, on the Bexley Rd side where the track along the stopbank starts, just to the Sth of […]

Lake Ellesmere Reported by steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went to Embankment Road, Yarr’s Reserve and then to Clark’s Road The only ‘Arctics’ we found were godwits-see below


39 wrybill 49 banded dotterel 81 pied stilts 6 mute swans 10 bar-tailed godwits ( 4 in summer plumage)

Clark’s 33 wrybill 12 banded dotterel 15pied stilts

The lake is obviously […]

White heron on the Avon River reported john.knight

Quite surprised to see a large White Heron on the edge of the Avon, just downstream from Wainoni Bridge.

760 Black-fronted Terns on the Waimakariri River

760 Black- fronted Terns on the Waimakariri River, between weedons ross rd and thompsons rd. This included about 60 juvenile birds. The birds seemed to be sheltering from the strong north west wind, however there was a small number moving to and from a north west direction, possibly to some paddocks over the stop bank.


Embankment Road to Clark’s Road and then to Greenpark Flats reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Embankment Road to Clark’s Road and then to Greenpark Flats Some nice pools at Embankment but water level too high at Yarr’s for a visit

Many, many ha of dry lake bed at Greenpark


Black-billed Gull 530 on an irrigated paddock near Emb. Road gate White-faced heron 80 […]

Birds near Taumutu at Lake Ellesmere Reported by Jan Walker

Bev Sheila and I went with our eel-fisherman friend last Friday 16th March to check out the maimai where we had seen a Spoonbill nest in late Dec. The eggs had hatched but 4 half-grown chicks had died for some reason. 2 of the nestlings were twice the size of the other two, something […]