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Terns at Southshore, Reported by Grahame

Over the last 4 days I’ve spent many hrs out at the end of Southshore trying for a decent photo of Artic Skua. The numbers have been steadily increasing over the days. Today there was at least 8 harasssing the numerous White fronted Terns at times 4 playing tag with the one WFT. Theres been […]

Waimakariri River mouth reported by Peter Langlands

Spectacular sight as 5 Arctic skuas chased one White-fronted tern. About 10 Arctic skuas in total and about 500 White-fronted terns. Also a flock of about 200 Hurtton’s Shearwaters in the breakers just north of the river mouth – the first time I have seen shearwaters at the Waimak Mouth. Would pick it as being […]

Christchurch update Reported by Andrew Crossland

Hi folks, here’s some CHCH bird updates

1. Crested Tern feeding off Southshore Spit on 23/1 hasn’t been seen since. I had a TV crew there next day (shooting a channel 7 documentary on godwits), all set to film the tern, but it has disappeared.

2. Crested grebes – successful nesting this year at both […]

Yarr's Reserve

Yarr’s Reserve area seems best at the moment tho recent rain and southerlies have delivered nice pools at Embankment Road too (tho nothing much there )

Jan 26 4 curlew sandpipers at Yarrs-found by Colin Hill

Jan 28 Colin and I went from Yarr’s to Embankment-most stuff at Yarr’s

5 wrybill 92 banded dotterel (one […]

Great Crested Tern adult feeding off Southshore Spit

Just letting people know – this bird was about 400m offshore amongst a feeding group of terns, 1 Arctic Skua, Huttons Shearwaters, Spotted Shags and gulls.

Adult-plumaged – dark grey wings and back, receding cap, yellow bill.