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Prices Valley

29 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Embankment to Jarvis Roads Reported by Stephen Wratten

2 Cape Barren Geese (Embankment)-duck shooting starts soon so I am not optimistic)

124 spur-winged plovers 8 mute Swan 53 royal spoonbills 55 banded dotterel 594 stilts 85 wrybills 3 red-necked stints 1 caspian tern

Reynolds Valley Rd

1 Tui with no rings

12 Brown creeper

1 Tomtit

Kaitorete Spit

19 Bar-tailed Godwit

9 Turnstones

7 Wrybill

43 Banded Dotteral

1 Curlew Sandpiper

28 Knot

3 White-winged Black Tern

16 Black fronted Tern

12 Caspian Terns

45 White fronted Tern

60+ Black Billed Gulls


Silvereye’s are on the move again!!!!

Large flocks seen flying north early morning over the last week. Please report any sightings to me


Hi all -got out 20 miles today. Highlight was a long tailed skua

10 Royal Albatross

8 Wandering Albatross

12 NZ White Capped Albatross

5 Buller’s Albatross

9 Giant Northern Petrels

12 Westland Petrels

15 White-chinned Petrels

3 grey-faced petrels

200 Snares Cape Petrels

5 Common Diving Petrels

Fairy Prions

3 Grey-backed storm petrels

1 […]

Spencer Park

1 Arctic Skua chasing White Fronted Tern

Waimakariri River / The Sanctuary

Black Fronted Dotteral (flying over head calling)

75 Christchurch/Akaroa Rd

3 White Heron