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Brooklands lagoon

1 Black-fronted Dotteral on newly built wetland/ ponds, by the city council.

Farewell to the Godwits at New Brighton spit

Great turn out for the departing birds with 900 people attending. Also a dark phase Arctic Skua seen.

South Shore Brighton Beach

Alaska Bird Makes Longest Nonstop Flight Ever Measured

Dave Hansford in Wellington, New Zealand for National Geographic News

September 14, 2007The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey […]

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I found these in a tight bunch (some showing a bit of territorial behaviour-extended neck posture)) west of Embankment road and east of Yarr’s reserve

Other birds seen from Yarr’s to Clark’s Road were:

Yarr’s 88 stilts 10 banded dots


365 stilits 135 banded dots 9 pecs (yellowish legs seen)



Ashley Estuary

Hello Birders,

Bev Alexander and Peter Reese were at the Ashley estuary on Friday and managed to spot the elusive Far Eastern Curlew there again. 2 Whimbrels there too. Hope they stay put until next weekend when we do the Feb Wader Count in Canterbury.

Cheers, jan

Avon & heathcote Estuary

2 Arctic Skua (pale and dark phase)

Clark’s Road Reported by Stephen Wratten

1 curlew sand 2 sharp-tailed sands 461 pied stilts 1 hybrid stilt 110 wrybill 500+ banded dotterel (almost all juvs)

Banks Peninsula,Port Hills

Influx of New Zealand Pipits, moving in from the high country.

Crested grebes at Lake Rd hide, Lake Ellesmere

17 Crested grebes


Kaupapa Kereru is hosting the third Banks Peninsula Community Kereru Count from 12th – 20th February 2011.

Kaupapa Kererū was established in 2001 and aims to increase the numbers and range of kererū on Banks Peninsula through scientific research, community participation, and active management.

Our previous Kereru Community Counts have been very successful. More than 140 people participated in the counts, over 40% of the peninsula was surveyed, and hundreds of kererū […]

414 Reynolds Valley Rd

1 Tui

13 Kereru

5+ Brown Creeper