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Kaituna Quarry hobbit hill

1 Singing male Cirl Bunting

Lake Forsyth

1000+ Paradise Shelducks

34 Banded Dotterel

1 Wrybill

2 Caspian Terns

Trip around south of Avon/Heathcote estuary reported by Jan Walker

This afternoon, Sheila and I took a little car trip starting at Aynsley Tce on the Heathcote River at High Tide. There were quite a lot of mixed gulls there waiting for the bread van to turn up and feed them. No black-headed ones tho’.

Via the Cumnor Tce part of the Heathcote to Ferrymead […]

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

Colin Hill and I went from Yarr’s reserve to Greenpark and found Yarr’s

219 stilts 19 banded dotterels

Embankment Road

127 banded dotterels 51 stilts

Clarks Road

360 stilts ( 2 hybrids) 245 b dotterels 6 turnstones 2 sharp-t sandpipers 64 wrybill


311 b dotterels 13 wrybills 277 stilts

702 b dotterels in total-95% […]

Oxidation Ponds

2 Wrybills

1 Turnstone

60+ Banded Dotteral

5 Bar-tailed Godwits

200+ Welcome Swallows

Embankment Road

9 Pectoral Sandpiper

5 Turnstone

300+ Banded Dotteral

Rare Gull In Christchurch Reported By Kieran Rowe

My brother Gareth said he saw a strange looking seagull with a bright red bill and a black head at McCormacks bay on the way home Wednesday night and when I showed him a photo of a Franklins Gull he said that it looked a lot like that. Or possibly a Laughing Gull. This was […]

Te Oka Bay, Banks Peninsula

3 Artic Skua

Pigeon Bay,Banks Peninsula

Rifleman nesting in earth bank

Magnet Bay, Banks Peninsula

Almost certainly a Erect crested penguin Moulting, at Magnet Bay, Banks Peninsula. viewers please use discretion