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Yarr’s Reserve to Jarvis Road reported by Steven Wratten,

Colin Hill and eye braved an eye-watering nor’easterly to bird from Yarr’s Reserve to Jarvis Road. We found:

Pied Oystercatcher : 83 in a recently-worked paddock near Embankment Road gate (no Variables O). 7 godwit with them; included in total below

Pied Stilt: 221

Red Knot: 3

Wrybill: 95

Bar-tailed godwit: 97 (one with a […]

Embankment Road

30 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

3 Knot

156 Bar-tailed Godwits

84 Pied Stilts

35 Wrybill

20+ Banded Dotteral

34 Caspian Terns

1 White-fronted Tern

Peel Forest Reported by Jan Walker

A group from OSNZ Canterbury stayed at Peel Forest 15th-17th Oct. Shining cuckoos were already in evidence there. Also found a few Wrybill nests in the riverbed before the dust-storms started with the Nor-wester. The river will have come up yesterday so hope not too much. Tomtit territories, at least 3, along Allan’s track. Lots […]

Hudsonian Godwit at Southshore Spit Reported by Ian Southey

This afternoon I clearly saw a Hudsonian Godwit on the Southshore Spit of the Avon-Heathcote 3 or 4 times in flight but did not manage to find it on the ground. Did not see any obvious wing moult so I am wondering if it was a first year bird.


Lake Ellesmere, Yarr’s Reserve Reported by Stephen Wratten

11 red-necked stints (first since 4 on May 9) 3 red knot 1 black stilt (distant, at yarr’s reserve) 103 bar-tailed godwit (in different groups-a nice match to Oct 13 count above) 50 minimum pied stilts Only 5 wrybills Only 6 banded dotterels

Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

103 bar-tailed godwits 7 red knot 4 variable oysters 3 curlew sandpipers 36 pied oysters 90 minimum wrybills

Embankment Road

174 Wrybill 1 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 2 Red-necked Stint 1 Turnstone 40 Banded Dotteral (one nesting with three eggs)


1 Shinning cuckoo 1 Gray warbler 1 Bellbird

NZ falcon at Botanic gardens

A falcon has been seen in the botanic gardens again. Kereru have 2 nests there. Hopefully the falcon will dispatch a few of the feral pigeons instead of the kereru.

16 Cattle Egrets at Rushbrooks Rd

There are 16 Cattle Egrets at Rushbrooks Rd near Lake Rd., Leeston. A Cape Barren Goose at Yarrs Bay, Lake ellesmere.