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Paradise Shelducklings, Reported by David Melville

Julia and I were in central Christchurch yesterday (29 August) and were surprised to see a family of 5 Paradise ducklings on the Avon River – HANZAB indicates laying in early August with incubation at 30-35 days – the ducklings were probably 5 days old so presumably laid in late July.


Lake Forsyth

1 White Heron

Reynolds Valley Road, Okuti Valley, Little River

1 Golden Pheasant male

15 NZ Pigeon 10+ Brown Creeper 2 Tomtit

Embankment Road to Jarvis Road Reported by Stephen Wratten

1 curlew sandpiper

1 red-necked stint

30 wrybill 56 bar-tailed -godwit Minimum of 30 banded dotterel Curlew S and stint were almost certainly overwintering birds as they have been seen on and off all thro winter-Jan Walker saw these 2 spp. on Friday Aug 27

Kaitorete Spit Reported by Andrew Crossland

2 Wrybill 29 Banded Dotteral 2 South Island Pied Oystercatcher 5 Caspian Tern

Mount Pleasant

20+ Swallow, Small movement of Migration.

1 Pheasant

Spencer Park

2 Cirl Buntings

Charlesworth Reserve

3 Wrybills 12 Bar-tailed Godwit

Charlesworth Reserve

25 Wrybills feeding on the mudflats just before and after high tide. At high tide thy spent there time roosting on one of the small islands.

Spencer Park Reported By Andrew Crossland

2 Cirl Bunting feeding with yellowhammers, redpolls and Chaffinches on newly sown grass, 100 m inside gate on left hand side of internal park road thru picnic area.