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Nesting Spur-winged Plover Reported by jan Walker

Yesterday, 9th June 2010, there was a bird sitting in a paddock down Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell, Christchurch, attended by a partner bird. This was in a paddock where a pair reared chicks last year, but much later in that year.

Anyone else got dates for early nesting S-W Ps?

Protection status changes to Wildlife Act

Whale sharks, katipo spiders and all giant weta will now be absolutely protected under changes to the Wildlife Act, Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson announced today.

They are among 12 previously unprotected species of invertebrate and a number of marine species, including manta ray, giant groper and corals, which have had their protection status […]

Tui sighted feeding in Zephyr Terrace

A group of Tui sighted feeding in Zephyr Terrace, Governor’s Bay

Silvereyes on the move

Small numbers of Silver-eyes still flying overhead just befour dawn

Long-tailed Cuckoo

Possible Juv Long-tailed Cuckoo sighted near Darfield

Drain Rd Reported

8 Cattle Egrets still present