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Tui heard in Akaroa Reported by Peter Tocker

At least one tui heard in Rue Benoit, Akaroa, yesterday afternoon – about 3pm

Tui sighting Mt Pleasant Reported by Suzanne Fenwick

Early last Sunday morning, we heard a lovely “bell” birdsong close by but were unable to locate where/what it was coming from. However, approximately an hour later, I looked out my kitchen window and there was a tui singing again on the top of a neighbour’s macrocarpa tree. Lovely to see and hear.


Greenpark Rd Reported by Frances Schmechel

3 Mute Swans 3 White herons

There were about 3000 Blackbilled Gulls in paddocks down Greenpark Rd.

Ashley Estuary

168 Canada geese 1 Black Shag 3 Spotted Shag 12 Little Shag 5 Coot 12 Scaup 15 Shoveler duck 53 Mallard 11 possible Gray Duck 2 Paradise Shellduck 1 Cattle Egret 6 Spoonbills 5 White Faced Heron 282 Great black-backed Gull 60 Red-billed gull 25 Black-billed Gull 20 Black-fronted Tern 4 White-fronted Tern 9 […]

Jarvis-Clarke’s Reported By Jan Walker

2 curlew sand,

1 sharp-tailed sand

1 pectoral sand

spotted near Jarvis-Clarke’s today at Greenpark sands

E-Wrybill 15th June 2010 Winter Wader Count Lake Ellesmere

Hi All,

Meet at 9.30am far end of Embankment Rd with gumboots, scopes and bins if you have them!. Hot drinks and food optional, wet-weather gear essential. The weather looks like reasonable, even NW winds, possible showers on Sunday at this stage, but not a lot. So Saturday ought to be OK. While you are […]

Garden Bird Survey

Landcare Research, in collaboration with Forest & Bird and the Ornithological Society, established a garden bird survey to monitor the distribution and population trends of common garden birds in New Zealand.

New Additional questions and answers Garden Bird Survey blog Recording form 60KB Identification flyer with recording form, low resultion 296KB Identification flyer with […]

Lake Forsyth

1 Great White Heron at the Little River end of lake.

Bittern Reported by Andrew Crossland

1 Seen flying over Lake Ellesmere, 75 Christchurch/Akaroa Rd just off the new cycle path.

Tui update – May 2010

Hi, all- It’s been another busy month for our Peninsula tui, and an equally busy month for tui-spotters: in the last month we’ve had over 200 reports of tui (heard, seen or radio-tracked)! Since May 1st, 29 of the 2010 releasees have been sighted or tracked, along with at least 16 of the 2009 releasees. […]