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Tui sightings ( from Kaitorete Spit, Governors Bay, and McQueen’s Valley Reported By Rachel Barker

Hi all

People are sending in more tui sightings recently, and I’ve had some very interesting ones, which I’ve recorded below. …

Kaitorete Spit tui sightings on two days, 22 and 23 May

Phone call from friends of Rachel’s on 24-5-10: Annabel Allison and Michael Bayley. Rachel called back the farm manager, Bruce, who is […]

Oxidation Ponds

25 Black-fronted Terns Feeding

50+ Spoonbills

Lake Georgina Reported by R Alexander

Hi Niall,

I saw a lone juvenile Australian Crested Grebe at Lake Georgina, near Lake Coleridge last Sat and again this Sat22 May, sharing the lake with substantial numbers of Black swans, and last week, many NZ Scaup, though this weekend, the numbers of the latter were greatly reduced.



No news is good news?

Nothing reported in the last few weeks. If you do have any sightings please email me at

Cheers Niall

Embankment Rd Reported by Sheila, Bev and jan

Sunny, dry and cold conditions from about 10.30 to 12.45. In all we ticked up around 40 species including many passerines in the scrappy Macrocarpa remant hedge trees at the gate, as we ate our lunch. The Bittern was absent.

Notable were:

1 [non-breeding plumage] Pectoral Sandpiper It had a definite pectoral band, very yellow […]

Avon & heathcote Estuary

1 Arctic skua chasing terns in the estuary.

12 Pied Shags Feeding together. Birds were diving together and seemed to be working together to catch fish

Thousands of Silvereyes on the move,New Brighton spit

Thousands of Silvereyes on the move over night. Started hearing flocks at 10pm and there were still flocks going overhead at 6.30am. All birds were heading North.

Embankment Road Reported by Stephen Wratten

Red-necked stint-4

banded dotterel -171 + just 5 at Greenpark Flats

Wrybill 71 (no bands seen)

Sharp-tailed sandpiper 1 (not particularly breeding plumage)

Curlew sandpiper 3 .One getting breeding plumage and larger than the other 2 which were still in winter plumage and greyish with white below

The 3 performed fast flight in zig-zag formation […]

Avon & heathcote Estuary

1 Artic Skua

Avon-Heathcote Estuary Reported by Peter Langlands

Hi all -Chestnut teal seen on Avon-Heathcote Estuary out from Humphries Drive at 3pm feeding amongst grey teal and shovelers- the white flank patches show up well. Great to see and my first after 30 years birding in South Island. Celebrating with a glass of SE Australian Shiraz seems appropriate.

Got some new pix-