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Charlesworth Reserve

68 Banded Dotterals flew across the site at 3pm heading North. Probably just moving into the paddocks at high tide.

1 NZ pipit.

Charlesworth Reserve

150+ Bar-tailed Godwits

8 Caspian Terns

40 Oystercatchers

Godwits on the Avon & heathcote Estuary Reported by Jan Walker

They were on sandbanks to start with and eventually we could see that 3RBWY with his bright BP was still there. He was 1 of 140 birds. We went to Charlesworth, as there must have been more somewhere, and there were 260 there! Some arrived as we were watching. There were still several females in […]

Okains Bay wader census Reported by Andrew Crossland

3 Variable Oystercatcher

74 Sth Is Pied Oystercatcher

3 Pied Stilt

11 Spur-winged Plover

Akaroa Harbour wader census Reported by Andrew Crossland

63 Variable Oystercatcher

246 Sth Is Pied Oystercatcher

31 Pied Stilt

52 Spur-winged Plover

1 Bar-tailed Godwit

Godwit at Duvauchelles Reported by Andrew Crossland

1 Ririwaka/Godwit at Duvauchelles yesterday (at the creek mount in front of the shop) roosting with oystercatchers

New Brighton Pier

6 Gannets

NZ Pigeons in my suburban garden Reported by Jan Walker

Today 25th April around lunchtime a fat pigeon flew low over my head through the gate and up into the tallest tree in the garden, a Eucalypt. A short while afterwards another one joined it. We have a medium height Tree Lucerne bush which I thought they might be attracted to but it is near […]

Rakaia to Lake Heron via Lake stream hightlights Reported by Rob Lawrence

Black fronted terns at Manuka Point 8

SI tomtit in scrub in Lake Stream valley

2 Crested Grebes

Harriers no falcons

Lake Ellesmere, Reported by sheila Petch

1 Crested Grebe and 48+R oyal Spoonbills, they were so tightly packed on a roosting site, I there could have been many more.

Plus the usual birds. which includes Scaup by the hundreds