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Little Stint Reported by Steve Wratten

Colin Hill and I found it again- this time at the Clark’s Road area-it was just back from the lake edge among many pools and loosely associated with red-necked stints-see below. There is a broken, small mai mai at the lake edge where we found the bird- the mai mai looks like a square from […]

Albatross spp off Sumner

2 Albatross Sp, see with a telescope from summer (at least 2km out)

7 Gannets also feeding close in shore.

Little Stint Embankment Road Reported by Jan Walker

Little Stint

16 Sharp Tailed Sandpiper c200 Wrybill 1000s Banded Dotts , 1 with really bright O flag rt leg 3 Turnstone 6 Red Knot 24 Red Necked Stint

7 Cattle egrets at Drain Rd as well.

Colin, Sheila, Bev and jan

Possible Laughing? Or Franklin’s Gull? Greenpark sands Reported By Tim Barnard

largish gull, mid-grey wings, dark primaries, and drooping bill flying past on the lake shore.

Ashley Estuary

2 Black Stilts 64 Pied Stilts

24 Banded Dotterels 77 Pied Oystercatcher

22Variable Oystercatcher

35 Bar-tailed Godwits

4 Spur-winged Plover 7 Black-fronted Terns 122 White-fronted Terns 2 Caspian Terns 6 Spoonbills

36 Gray Teal

1 Black shag

17 Pied Shag

2 little Shag 16 Spotted Shag

Greenpark Sands Reported by Peter langlands

Just back from Greenpark Sands – with Steve Wood and Rob Lawerance. No cigar – with the little stint but following seen 150 wrybill – including one colour banded on Upper Rangitata on 20 Oct 2009. 400 Pied Stilt 2 Golden Plover 12 Sharp tailed Sandpiper 2 Curlew sandpiper 7 Bar tailed Godwit 6 Knot […]

Kaitorete Spit

5 White-winged Black Terns (3 adults 2 juv)

4 White- Fronted Terns

13 Caspian Terns

6 Black-Fronted terns

200+ Banded Dotterals

5 Red-Necked Stint

3 Gannets on the seaward side.

Greenpark sands and Jarvis Rd

Banded dotterel 200+ Wrybill 100+ Pied stilt 300+ Hybrid Stilt, possibly F node Red-necked stint 3 Sharp-tailed sandpiper 2

Between Embankment and Clark’s Reported by Jan Walker

Hi All,

1 Wrybill with bands: David can you help? I can’t find the email of the banding office. WRWY

There was also a Banded Dotterel with O flag right tibia.

Other spp.:

Banded dotterel 800+ Wrybill 130+ Pied stilt 300+ Hybrid Stilt, possibly F node Red-necked stint 10 Pectoral sandpiper 3 Sharp-tailed […]

Little Stint Lake Ellesmere Reported by Stephen Wratten

I’d givet ‘very probable’ status to this stint-Colin and I made notes-see below The bird was in the pool east of the Embankment Road fence and roosying with Wrybills and r n s east of there

It stood out like a beacon-the rufous colouation overall was almost orange

Other notes: -dark centres to wing coverts […]