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Yellow-eyed penguin

Hi there Yellow-eyed penguin chicks are fledging from the Otago coast as we speak. As some of these birds are Canterbury bound, I thought I better mention that we’ve marked about 100 with subcutaneous transponders this year. The YEPs marked in this way have no external mark to indicate that they contain a microchip. We’ve […]

Bexley Wetland reported by Andrew Crossland

Glossy Ibis which is usually at Travis was seen today at Bexley

Status of rifleman on Bank’s Peninsula

Hi all- From my own observations,, and those of some friends, there appears to have been a dramatic decline in rifleman numbers on Banks Peninsula over the last five years. Does any one else have observations to support this ? Kind rgds Peter

Peter Langlands Outdoor/ environmental writing and photography B.Sc (Zoology) Diploma of Science […]

New Brighton Pier

2 Arctic Skua seen chasing Terns out to sea.

Kaitorete Spit Reported by Andrew Crossland

4 White-winged Black Tern

1 Little Tern ( Found at the CCC reserve near the start of the spit)

Glossy Ibis at Travis

Glossy Ibis in breeding plumage at Travis, on the shore of the pond west of the bird hide seen this morning.

Help needed for electrocution study

Hi everyone-

I am writing for help with a study on the dangers of electrocution to New Zealand birds. As some of you may know, we have found that New Zealand falcons are prone to being electrocuted in vineyards. The evidence in this case seems to be compelling, but sample sizes are small and because […]

Tasmanian-baned bird in Christchurch

Hi folks, the Banded Dotterel carrying a ornage and blue leg flag sighted last Sunday was the first record of a Tasmanian-baned bird in the CHCH area. It turns out it was one of only 12 birds banded (in March 2007 and March 2008) on King Island, in Bass Strait. AC

Farewell to the Godwits Reported by Jan Walker

Farewell to the Godwits is on Weds 3rd March at 5.30pm. A little uncertain where this will be held exactly. The tide will be very high indeed and the birds could be at Charlesworth, so watch for updates. As usual some telescopes will be needed to show the birds in their full glory! So if […]

Greenpark sands, lake Ellesmere, Reported by Jan Walker

pied stilt lots hybrid stilt 2 [1 with white face and bit of of mottling on belly] Wrybill 150+ Pacific Golden Plover 31 at least, looking very smart and golden Red Knot 4 [very dull plumage] Bartailed Godwits 4 [lots fewer than recently] Turnstone 9 Curlew sandpiper 2 Sharp-tailed sandpiper 14 [starting to display and […]